The Western Ghats of India are considered as one of the 26 bio-diversity hotspots, owing to the concentration of endemic species. Tamhini is a small village situated in the northern part of the Western Ghats. It lies in a very narrow strip of the crest-line part of the western border of Pune district. Situated at a distance of about 70 km, Tamhini is the nearest patch of healthy semi-evergreen forest to Pune. Knowing nature in this pristine environment would certainly be a remarkable experience. Knowing nature in this pristine environment would certainly be a remarkable experience. Join this outing to drench in waterfalls and rejuvenate your mind and soul. The arrival of monsoon in Tamhini brings out its otherwise hidden Herpetofauna, this night long exploration through Tamhini ghat surprises us with the beautiful snakes, amphibians and other lesser fauna.



4.30PM: Reporting. 5.00PM: Departure for Tamhini. 6.30-7PM: Arrival in Tamhini and briefing. 7.30PM: Start trekking through Tamhini forest till Adarwadi village. 10.30PM: Reach Adarwadi village. Dinner. 11.30PM: Down ghat exploration for Herpetofauna.

Overnight exploration 5.30AM: Return to Pune.

Tour Accommodation


What's included

  • Pune-Tamhini-Pune road travel

  • Dinner

  • Expertise

What's excluded

  • Personal expenses

  • GST @ 5%

  • Anything else not mentioned in Fees includes.


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