Life is all about breaking the cocoon, spreading wings and flying high in search of beautiful world. A group of nature lovers broke the cocoon of conventional life and started visiting various wilder places of this country. It wasn’t just their hobby but their way of living life by going close to Mother Nature. Insearch Outdoors was born out of the desire of these people to share their experiences of the outdoors with others. In the span of more than seventeen years of existence it has been active and committed to promote environmental awareness. We at Insearch Outdoors encourage the conservation of nature in all its aspects. Towards this, we conduct nature trails, resident jungle safaris or camps and other outdoor activities.

Our persistent efforts are to improve a person’s outlook towards nature and change his or her perspective. To inculcate the care for nature right from childhood, we have initiated school nature trails and wildlife camps in various schools in Pune and Mumbai, where through these outings students are introduced to various beautiful arrays of nature by the way of experiential learning.
Science says that humans are born with only two natural fears; 1) Fear of falling and 2) Fear of big noise. All other fears are propagated during upbringing. Among many ways which help a person to overcome his fears, adventure suppresses these fears. To help such people, under the supervision of experts in this field, at Insearch Outdoors we enable participants to enjoy an out of this world experience through various outdoor adventure activities. 

A person, who has stayed away from home and civilization for ample amount of time, learns the lessons of life in best real-life scenarios. Three most important things he learns are Time management, Team management and Presence of mind. Abilities like these are very essential for today’s corporate world. Hence we have equipped ourselves to move into the realm of Corporate Services. In this sphere we conduct skill enhancing and learning programs through the experimental methodology in the outdoors for corporate enterprises and channelize the learning. As an organization experienced in holding nature camps, outdoor activities and learning programs, we help translate the valuable lessons learnt from outdoor experiences back to home and workspace. 

Where ever we are, our focus is very clear; Be In Search of Skills, Knowledge, Experiences and YOUR OWN SELF!!