Spread over a week's time, the first 5 days are dedicated to imparting the core principles of photography(2 hours daily). These concepts are further implemented during a short field trip on day 6 (10th April 2021) Day 7 involves a hands-on session that takes you through the work flow of post processing – the final step to take take you image from better to best.  


A brief on what all will be covered during the workshop. Then start of with the basic manual settings like ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture with experiments and different settings !!

Learn about White Balance(when to use, when not to use), Depth of Field and Exposure Compensation

Learn about different Metering Modes and focussing points and how are they crucial.

Understanding about the importance of Composition and Framing 

Learning about the concept behind Silhouettes and High Key, Low Key images

It's time to get our knowledge on field. We meet up for an outdoor field session for experimenting all the concepts that we have learnt in the week !!

Now that we have the images, it's time to beautify them. Learn about post processing on Adobe Lightroom !!

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