A pristine paradise of nature with hills enveloped in dense forest, Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of the amazing diversity of mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles. Located a mere 138 km from Pune, Bhimashankar offers magic moments for the nature photographers and nature lovers. Join us on this tour to explore the hidden gems on the jungle routes of this forest.



04:00 AM- Reporting and departure from the office of In Search Outdoors.   

07:15 AM - Arrive at the location. Explore the sanctuary for the entire day, on foot and by a vehicle as per the suggestion of the skippers.

09:30 AM - Enjoy breakfast with a view of the forest. The breakfast is packed into individual boxes for each participant and is full of healthy and tasty components. Spend the rest of the morning exploring the forest. 

02:00 PM - Enjoy lunch. 

Post-lunch depart for Pune around 03:00 PM. 

5.00 PM: Arrive in Pune.  

5.00 PM: Arrive in Pune.  

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