Panna Tiger Reserved is prime tiger land located in Vindhya hill ranges. Characterised by extensive plateaus and gorges, the reserve forms the region of crossover between the easter and western flora and fauna. Ken river running accross the Reserve serves as the life line and is important site for migratory birds. The dominating vegetation type is Miscellaneous Dry Deciduous forest interspread with grassland areas. The characteristic floral species of this area include tree species such as Tectona grandis, Diospyros melanoxylon, Madhuca indica, Buchnania latifolia, Anogeissus latifolia, Anogeissus pendula, Lannea coromandelica, Bosswelia serrata etc. Apart from the Tiger, the fauna of Panna includes Wild dogs, Wolves, Sloth bears, Chowsingha, etc.


Departure for Mumbai by 12126 Pragati Exp at 7:50hrs Arrive @ Mumbai CST at 11:10hrs. Depart for Jabalpur at 13:30 hrs by 12188 JBP Garibrath Exp

Arrive @ Jabalpur @ 6:00hrs. Freshen up at a Hotel, Breakfast and leave for Bhedaghat. Sightseeing at Boating at Bhedagaht. Depart for Panna. Arrive @Panna @ 13:30hrs. Lunch and walking trail at Panna. Stay at Panna.

Morning & Evening Jeep safaris Indoor Sessions. Stay @ Panna

Morning & Evening Jeep safaris Indoor Sessions. Stay @ Panna

Morning Jeep safaris & Lunch. Depart for Jabalpur at 13:30hrs. Arrive @ Jabalpur @ 17:30hrs, High tea. Depart for Mumbai by 12187 Garibrath Exp.

Arrive @ Mumbai @ 12:30hrs. Departure for Pune by 11010 Sinhagad Express. Arrive @ Pune @ 18:40hrs.

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