In the Ahmednagar region, at the crestline of the mighty Western Ghats lies a series of hill forts and peaks which look upon the coast on the west and the plateau on the east. Walking from one fort to another through the beaten mountain paths is an enriching journey. The thrilling range trek from Ratangad to Harishchandragad via katrabai pass is a test you should take to check your endurance. Staying in the mountains and in tiny villages along the path gives you a refreshing thrill and a taste of humanity. The trek starts in Ratanwadi at the base of Ratangad fort and ends at Harishchandragad on Day 3. Each day is a walk of about 5 to 10 kms through mountains as well as on flat ground. Stay on day 1 will be in tiny houses at the base of Katrabai pass and stay on day 2 will be in the mountains at Kokankada of Harishchandra, 2000 ft above the sea level and with mesmerizing view of the valley. Tasty local food and expertise will be the best quality that is Insearch quality.


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