Tadoba is the most popular tiger reserve in Maharashtra; it is unique – it has no notified core area, every corner is accessible. The beauty of the reserve, the abundance of animals and frequent sightings make Tadoba a memorable experience. Besides the fauna, Tadoba also homes a wide variety of tree species. Tadoba is so called because there is a temple by Tadoba Lake, dedicated to a local Gond eminence called Taru, who died fighting a tiger. Tadoba has recently gained fame over some unusual tiger behavior. Tiger is a solitary hunter. In spite of this fact, four tiger sisters were found hunting in pack. Discovery channel has also made a documentary on them, showing their togetherness, strategies and skills. Not just sisters, but entire family including their parents were observed walking together in the park, which is again an extremely rare sightings. How often you get to see six full grown tigers walking together? Nov – June is the best season to visit Tadoba. This park is also popular for great sightings of sloth bear, leopards, wild dogs and various herbivores such as Indian Gaur, Sambar, spotted deer and barking deer.


Depart for Wardha @ 1740 hrs by 12113 Pune - Nagpur Garibrath Exp(3AC)

Arrive Wardha @ 0805 hrs. Depart for Tadoba by road Arrive at Resort by 1230 hrs. Evening Safari at Tadoba. Stay at resort.

Morning and evening Jeep Safaris. Stay at campsite.

Morning safari. Depart for Wardha by road. Reach Wardha. Depart for Pune @ 19:42 hrs by 12114 Pune Garibrath Express (3AC).

Arrive Pune by 0945 hrs.

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