<p>Tamhini is the closest patch of a semi-evergreen and mixed deciduous forest to Pune. Situated on the western side of Pune, it is a heaven for bird watchers and photographers. Even though it is hard to watch and observe birds in the forest, knowing the perfect spot and spending a day there can give you a peek into the secretive and shy birds of the western ghats!</p>


Departure for tamhini. Enroute short stops for birding.  

Reach the base camp and take breakfast under the shade of a tree and surrounded by beautiful forest. Post breakfast take a small train around the camp.  

Get your Camera set up at the hide and settle down for all the feathered visitors.

Take a break for lunch. You can also hit snooze for some time in the dome tents provided at the camp or you can get back to the hide if you don't want to miss any opportunity.

Take a small tea break before you set up at the hide for all the evening visitors.  

Packup and depart for Pune with full hearts and memory cards.  

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