<p>Grasslands are a treasure trove of wildlife, for those who are willing to look! The habitat offers some exciting sightings such as the elusive Jungle cat and the indian foxes. The mornings can be spent admiring the beautiful birds that are a mix of migratory and local species; we reach the grasslands just before sunrise so that we can witness the wildlife waking up while enjoying a cup of hot tea. Spend the day exploring the vast grasslands.</p>


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Arrive at the grasslands just before the sunrise and witness the wildlife wakeup from their slumber with the rising sun. Enjoy a hot cup of tea/coffee. Start exploring the grasslands till breakfast.

Enjoy breakfast with a view of the grasslands maybe with Chinkaras just browsing closeby. The breakfast is packed into individual boxes for each participant and is full of healthy and tasty components. Spend the rest of the morning exploring the grasslands.

Enjoy hot and tasty Misal for lunch at a local restaurant. Spend the afternoon looking for raptors as the rise us in the sky with the heated wind currents. Expect to see Short - toed snake eagle, bonelli's eagle, Indian spotted Eagle, Steppe Eagle and many more species.

As the sun starts its Westward journey, expect to see the Indian Coursers, the painted sangrouses and many more exclusive grassland dwellers as they go about their business.

Enjoy tea/coffee on the grasslands and bid good-bye to the grasslands as we depart for Pune.

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